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Supportworks Recognized Among Omaha’s ‘Best Places to Work’ - Again!

Posted by Supportworks on Mar 15, 2021 9:19:03 AM

The home services product and technology enterprise celebrates its second time making the coveted list.


OMAHA, Neb. – For the second year in a row, Supportworks, a product designer and supplier to the home repair industry, has been named one of the top five “2021 Best Places to Work in Omaha” by an independent survey.

The recognition comes on the heels of a challenging year, where a global pandemic affected everything from employees’ schedules and wellbeing to the availability of raw materials for its products to Supportworks’ end user – homeowners.

Company President Dave Thrasher says the award goes to their 106 employees, who each contribute to the culture and make the thriving company competitive in its industry.

“Particularly given the events of the past 12 months, we’re so grateful to every employee for staying the course and continuing to redefine for each other,” Thrasher said. “A crisis can do one of two things to a team: it can either fracture it, or it can create a stronger level of connection that the team moves forward with. Allowing fissures to occur is easy; holding steadfast in our purpose and commitment to one another is hard. Thank you to our employees for holding our culture sacred and keeping it a great place to work.”

In order to make the list, Supportworks demonstrated its well-rounded culture, taking into consideration facets like work-life balance, compensation and engagement. Quantum Workplaces and Baird Holm, who compiled the list, sent a survey to Supportworks employees in January and Supportworks leadership says they anxiously awaited the survey results.

Executive Vice President Amanda Harrington says it’s an honor to make the “Best Places to Work” list two years in a row. Supportworks made it a goal to make the list since 2016, when it started participating in the competition. The company conducted internal employee surveys, taking all feedback seriously and swiftly implementing changes. In the meantime, its workforce grew by 17 employees in 2020.

“We foster a creative and innovative environment where big thinkers have the room to do,” Harrington said. “Through that process, we’ve become more than a manufacturer of products. We are a provider of radical business supports that are redefining our industry. We’re also redefining the workplace, creating a space where people feel welcomed, free and encouraged.”

The company views its culture and employees as a competitive advantage. To protect this, Supportworks has a long, and sometimes arduous hiring process. The company might spend six months or more to fill open positions, waiting to find the right candidate with their core values: humble, hungry and people smart.

Kenny Penland, the lead 3D specialist with nine years of experience at Supportworks, says people of these mindsets tend to work well alongside each other while accomplishing major company milestones, like launching a new product – or a new division.

“It’s been crazy seeing something new at Supportworks start from nothing then watching it grow into a multi-million-dollar department,” Penland said. “I know what I do matters to the company and I go home every day knowing I’ve accomplished something.”

Supportworks started in 2008 with a mission to redefine the home contractor industry and create remarkable experiences for homeowners. The company carefully vets the dealers within its exclusive network to ensure they share this intention.

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Supportworks is a home services industry company currently comprising three main brands. Foundation Supportworks designs, manufactures and delivers a range of products to a worldwide network of foundation and concrete repair dealers across North America. Hello Garage is a leading national garage renovation franchise. SolutionView develops proprietary software designed to streamline and improve the contractor-homeowner experience. Headquartered in Omaha, Neb., Supportworks was founded in 2008 by Greg Thrasher, the owner of a successful home-services company that was looking to vertically integrate and become a supplier focused on redefining an entire industry. In addition to developing industry-leading solutions, the company provides, tools, software and business coaching to more than 150 dealers and franchisees across North America. To inquire about becoming a member of the Supportworks family, visit